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  • Surgical Products

    Surgical Products

    EA Medical is a surgical distributor of leading edge technology in general, vascular, neuro and spine surgery. EA Medical is dedicated to providing advanced, quality,and cost effective products to its surgical customers. Service is a priority in providing these products to our customers. We take pride in servicing with quick response and knowledgeable input when needed.
  • EMS Products

    EMS Products

    EA Medical EMS offers highly specialized Ultraviolet (UV-C) air and surface disinfection lamps to meet the needs of EMS. Included are several award winning EMS lift assist and patient handling products for improved patient outcome and EMS crew safety. Advanced Life Support devices for ALS and CPR.

  • Infection Control

    Infection Control

    Infection control is a critical practice in the health care industry. Medical offices, Emergency Room, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and Surgical proceedures all require the right equipment to protect both the care provider and patient.
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EA Medical, LLC (EA) is a unique surgical device distribution company based in the Midwest. Founded in February, 1993 by Steve Logsdon and Roger Comesana, EA serves as a complete distribution organization with ten sales people covering hospitals and clinics in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Central & Southern Illinois. One of the key factors to our success over the past twenty years has been the consistency of our sales force; EA sales associates average over 15 years of medical sales experience.

Originally focused on selling instruments for laparoscopic surgery, EA has evolved into a multi-specialty distribution organization, offering innovative products for General Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Neuro Surgery and Infection Control. Our sales team works each day to become product consultants for our customers, building long partnerships with clinicians and hospitals throughout our coverage area. 

In 2009, we expanded our sales coverage to include Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Since that time, we have expanded our product offering in EMS to include the Binder Lift, Evergreen UV-C disinfection lamps, the BEAR Abdominal Restraint and Life-Stat hands free cpr, providing a robust line of devices for the EMS professional. 

At EA Medical, we strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction by providing prompt service to our customers through our EA home office staff and our experienced field sales representatives. We are dedicated to selling the highest quality products that elevate patient care and reduce overall hospital costs. We are committed to establishing longterm relationships with both our customers and our manufacturers.


Committed to making a difference.

For more than 15 years, EA Medical has committed its resources to supporting innovative products that meet the needs of healthcare providers and patients.

Today, EA Medical is a specialty distributor of products for the OR, Radiology, Cath Lab, Pain Management, ICU, ER, and EMS.

Air & Surface Disinfection for EMS
Learn about controling infectious desease including ebola.
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Air & Surface Disinfection for EMS
Learn about controling infectious desease including ebola.
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  • Evergreen UV Air and Surface Disinfection
  • Binder Lift™
  • Evergreen UV FAWM-24/36 UV-C
  • Orange Surgical Instruments

  • Kills virtually all know bacteria, virus, mold, protozoa and yeast including Ebola, Enterovirus d68, MRSA, VRE, C.diff, TB and Acinetobacter.
  • Advanced UV-C Disinfection Kills virtually all known bacteria, virus, mold, protozoa, and yeast including Ebola, Enterovirus d68, MRSA, VRE, C.diff, TB, Acinetobacter and Influenza and provides powerful germicidal outcomes of 3 to 6 log (unit of measure) that equates to 99.999 to 99.999999 percent disinfection from air and surface pathogens.
  • Portable - Can be used to disinfect crew cab and patient areas of ambulances, helicopters and any room or office in your station houses, administrative buildings and bases.

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The Binder Lift is the truly safe way to provide non-mechanical lift assistance to patients with non-trauma injuries.


Binder Lift

2" Heavy Duty quick release buckles

Rated at 250lbs each


Quick Release

The Binder Lift minimizes risk of injury to the patient through the attachment of a secure torso wrap, thus eliminating the need to pull on arms/shoulders.


Easy Application

reduces the chance for back injuries to care giver and minimizes risk of injury to the patient

  • Remove Airborne Particulates
  • Destroy Bio-Aerosols (airborne pathogens)
  • Neutralize Airborne VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals)

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Orange Surgical manufactures the highest quality precision surgical instruments and supplies.


3 Ring Suture

Disposable suture device

Suture Passer


Monopolar Grasper Atraumatic

Use with monopolar handles.


Screw Tip - OS-3142

Compatible with Microline handles


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