Tuesday, June 25, 2024


UV-C Disinfection in the News

EA Medical EMS offers highly specialized Ultraviolet (UV-C) air and surface disinfection lamps to meet the needs of EMS, several award winning cutting edge EMS lift assist and patient handling products for improved patient outcome and EMS crew safety)and Advanced life Support devices for 2015 AHA compliant Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation {CPR).

Our EMS products are trend setting for the standard of care and are so relevant and impact patient lives so profoundly that they are in the news.

EA Medical EMS product lines include the B2 Paramedic Helmet (a new division of Bell Racing Helmets), BEAR-iatrics Abdominal Restraint for bariatric and obese patients, Binder lift, Life-Stat Mechanical CPR from Michigan Instruments and Evergreen UV {UV-C) air and surface disinfection lamps.


The CPRPillow (CPRP) for CPR and Intubation is a support pillow that is designed to provide single or multiple first responders the ability to perform proper CPR and intubation by maintaining the Head Tilt Chin Lift position (also known as the “Sniff position”) and steadying that position while compressions, ventilations or intubation is being administered. 

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