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The CPRPillow (CPRP) for CPR and Intubation is a support pillow that is designed to provide single or multiple first responders the ability to perform proper CPR and intubation by maintaining the Head Tilt Chin Lift position (also known as the “Sniff position”) and steadying that position while compressions, ventilations or intubation is being administered. 


“I’ve had 2 codes this week and I’ve had a great experience using the CPRP (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Support Pillow). This new tool we have, provides increased support, and allows the patients airway to remain in a position that allows the provider to deliver effective ventilations. The provider delivering breaths I feel, has a better time managing the compliance of the patients ventilation. Insertion of an advanced airway while this device is in place has helped a lot as well. The provider doesn’t have to worry about moving the patients airway into the correct position, because it already is and remains in that position. Overall, I’ve had a very positive experience with this new tool and I am very grateful that we have this in our code bag. Thank you”

...John Adams, AAS, ALA, NR-P Delta Ambulance Paramedic...Waterville Maine

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