Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Infection Control

Ideal air disinfection for hospital elevators.

UV-C can destroy any infectious microorganism it comes in contact with. There are no known pathogens that are resistant to a lethal dose of UV-C ….. NONE.




Kills all known bacteria, virus, mold, protozoa and yeast including Measles, Influenza, Ebola, MRSA, C.diff, TB, VRE, Enterovirus d68, Anthrax, Legionnaire’s and Acinetobacter.


The Lumalier FAWM-24/36 series forced air disinfector uses advanced environmental disinfection technology to:





  • Remove Airborne Particulates
  • Destroy Bio-Aerosols (airborne pathogens)
  • Neutralize Airborne VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals)


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